Graduate Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching at KU


Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching at the University of Kansas is designed for current KU graduate students from any discipline who wish to learn more about effective teaching and learning in post-secondary educational settings, with a foundation in the psychology of teaching and learning. Students will learn about how to implement effective, inclusive, research-based practices to promote learning and engagement in both face-to-face and online instruction. The certificate draws on basic and applied interdisciplinary research from the disciplines of education, psychology, and cognitive science to explore human learning and development and to understand how research in these fields informs innovative approaches to post-secondary teaching and learning.

Career Outcomes for Graduate Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching

Completion of the Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching represents an additional credential for graduate students from a variety of academic fields who are preparing for careers involving the teaching of adult learners, such as university faculty positions.



Thinking about post-secondary teaching?

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