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Inclement Weather: Experiments follow the University of Kansas inclement weather policy. If KU cancels classes, then experiment sessions are also cancelled.

Educational Experience: Research participation should be a valuable educational experience for you. As a research participant, you can usually expect to be given a complete explanation (the "debriefing") at the end of each study (either immediately, or by email). The purpose of the debriefing is to provide you with information to help you understand more completely the purpose of the study and its potential impact.

Human Subjects Committee Approval: Any experiment in which you participate will have already been approved by the University Human Subjects Committee. This ensures that someone other than the experimenter has determined that the procedures for a study follow strict ethical guidelines. Any risks must be revealed to you prior to your consent to participate. Despite these safeguards, there are still wide variations in people's reactions to the different kinds of tasks they are asked to perform in research studies. If you feel that you have been mistreated by the experimenter or asked to perform tasks that make you uncomfortable, remember that you have the right to leave any experiment at any time. If you leave an experiment before completing it, you will still receive credit for the amount of your participation.

Act Responsibly: Be conscientious in performing your tasks in each study. The research is very important to the students and faculty conducting it, and your role is very critical to the success of their efforts. Psychology as a science could not exist without the careful and responsible efforts of research participants. Give each study your full effort and attention.

Complaints & Questions about Experiments: If you have any complaints or questions about an experiment, please first contact the researcher directly. Do NOT contact the system administrator or use web-help. If the researcher fails to address your complaint, THEN you can contact the Educational Psychology Department Office at 621 JRP, 785-864-3931.

If you have a complaint about an experimenter's behavior, you may file a "Complaint Form" in the Educational Psychology Department Main Office at 621 JRP. You will need the following information: study name, appointment time/location, and the nature of your complaint. Do not send complaints via email.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these policies you may contact the KU Educational Psychology Department Human Participants Pool, via email at presona@ku.edu, or by phone at 785-864-3931.

You may also contact the KU Human Subjects Committee Office at 785-864-7429 for any additional information regarding human participation in research.

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