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Achievement and Assessment Institute

The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI), one of 12 designated research centers and institutes at KU, exists to improve the performance of students, adults and public agencies throughout local, state and national communities. AAI was formed in 2012 with the merger of the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation and the Institute for Educational Research and Public Service. The Institute includes seven centers, which represent a diversity of services and programs:

The work of AAI and its centers incudes innovative technology solutions for public agencies, development and delivery of standardized assessments, and enhanced educational support for youth in Kansas schools.

Center for Psychoeducational Services

The Center for Psychoeducational Services is a training site for School of Education students. CPS is staffed by student clinicians who earn credit while they gain practical experience working directly with clients. All student clinicians are supervised by faculty who are certified or licensed in their fields. CPS is a self-sustaining, non-profit agency within the School of Education at the University of Kansas.

Counseling Laboratory for the Exploration of Optimal States (CLEOS)

CLEOS's goal is to assist high schoolers with unique and creative interests in finding their ideal future.

School Program Evaluation and Research (SPEaR)

The University of Kansas School Program Evaluation and Research (SPEaR) Team consists of faculty, staff and students within the School of Education's Psychology and Research in Education Department. The SPEaR Team provides a wide range of evaluation, measurement, and assessment services to local and state organizations. Experienced researchers design studies, plan data collection, collect data, conduct appropriate statistical analyses and create reports. The SPEaR Team uses a Research Evaluation Model to guide our work.

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