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Brian P Cole
  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Training: Counseling Psychology PhD Program

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Brian P. Cole is an Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology. He also serves as the Director of Training for the doctoral program in counseling psychology. He earned degrees from the University of Kansas (B.G.S., 2006; M.S., 2008) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Ph.D., 2013). He completed his pre-doctoral internship at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Center where he received specialized training in multicultural issues in psychological assessment. Prior to his return to KU, Dr. Cole served as the Co-Director of Training in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Seton Hall University.

Dr. Cole is an active member of the Society of Counseling Psychology (APA Division 17), where he serves Past Chair and webmaster for the Section on Positive Psychology. He is also the Membership Committee Co-Chair for the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities (APA Division 51).

He teaches graduate courses in positive psychology, psychological assessment, diagnosis, and ethics. Dr. Cole's Applied Masculinities and Positive Psychology lab (AMPP) focuses the areas of men and masculinities (e.g., paternal involvement, mental health, gender socialization, and help-seeking behaviors) and clinical applications of positive psychology (e.g., hope therapy, goal focused positive psychotherapy, and strength based-counseling). He is currently pursuing licensure in Kansas.
Dr. Cole specializes in positive psychology, men and masculinities, psychological assessment, and vocational psychology.

In Summer 2020 Dr. Cole and Dr. Hensley are leading a positive psychotherapy practicum. Trainees will offer 9 sessions of telehealth focused on enhancing hope and building strengths.

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EPSY 580: Positive Psychology
EPSY 830:Individual and Group Assessment
EPSY 896: Positive Psychotherapy and Strength-Based Counseling
EPSY 951:Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Selected Publications

Cole, B. P., Moffitt-Carney, K., Patterson, T., & Willard, R. (2020). Psychology of Men and Masculinities’ focus on positive aspects of men’s functioning: A content analysis and call to action. [Journal Articles]. Psychology of Men and Masculinities. Published.
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Cole, B. P., & Ingram, P. (2019). Where do I turn for help? Gender role conflict, self-stigma, and college men’s help-seeking for depression [Journal Articles]. Psychology of Men and Masculinities. Published.
Singley, D., Cole, B. P., Hammer, J., Molloy, S., Rowell, A., & Isacco, A. (2018). Development and validation of the Paternal Involvement with Infants Scale [Journal Articles]. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 19(2), 167–183.
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Awards & Honors

Researcher of the Year
APA Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities
2019 - Present