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Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. at KU

PhD in counseling psychology stats


The academic coursework is designed to fulfill degree requirements. Review the program curriculum here.

Residency Agreement

Residency (in the university's eyes) consists of two consecutive terms of 9 hours or more (excluding Independent Study type courses), and cannot be filed until 30 hours of graduate work (or the master’s degree) are completed. More information on the residency requirement at KU can be found here.

Practicum Experience

Students complete their sequence of practicum experiences in several different settings, thereby assuring diversity of training experiences in terms of therapeutic setting, clientele, professional/organizational structures, disciplinary “mix,” therapeutic orientation, as well as shortterm vs. long-term treatment. Students are assigned to practicum placements with a goal of assuring a reasonably graduated sequence of training experiences.Due to the fact that most practicum sites of the program are off campus and some of the required courses are offered at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, Kansas, students admitted to the program are responsible for transportation to and from training sites and the Edwards Campus. More information on practica can be found in the program handbook in the sidebar.

Comprehensive Exams

Doctoral comprehensive examinations are administered by the Comprehensive Examination Committee (CEC), composed of two or three program faculty members. The content of the examination is drawn from the entire body of psychological knowledge for which students are responsible in the program. More information on comprehensive exams can be found in the program handbook in the sidebar.

Ph.D. Dissertation

After completing both oral and written comprehensive exams, the student is ready to choose a three-person dissertation committee as agreed upon by the student and the advisor. More information on the dissertation can be found here or in the program handbook in the sidebar.

Admission & Faculty Advisors

The following faculty are taking new Ph.D. students:

Interview Day is January 27th and 28th.

School of Education Resources

SOE Policies, forms, dissertation rubrics, handbooks and other information
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