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Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program Learning Objectives

The counseling psychology doctoral program in the Department of Educational Psychology has as its mission the preparation of counseling psychologists as educators, practitioners, researchers, and leaders who facilitate and promote the healthy personal, interpersonal, educational, and vocational development of the individuals they serve and enhance the environments in which those individuals function. We endeavor to meet this mission via three overarching aims:

  • Aim I: The program produces graduates who are multi-culturally competent scientist-practitioner health service psychologists.
  • Aim II: The program produces graduates who have found a particular path within the specialty of Counseling Psychology, about which they are both competent and passionate.
  • Aim III: The program produces graduates who are lifelong learners committed to the development of individual strengths and professional collaboration by providing a positive professional learning environment characterized by cooperation and respect.

More information on these aims and their respective objectives can be found here (pdf). This document includes the Ph.D. Program Training Model and Philosophy, the three overarching aims, and the specific training objectives and competencies that drive the program requirements.

Learn more about the program curriculum.

Admission & Faculty Advisors

The following faculty are taking new Ph.D. students:

Interview Day is January 27th and 28th.

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