Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The mission of the Department of Educational Psychology is to cultivate a scholarly community in which everyone is welcomed, celebrated, and respected. We seek to: 

  • Foster a new generation of leaders who appreciate the value of unique identities and experiences
  • Forge relationships between and among groups and people of different backgrounds
  • Create an environment that accepts and celebrates difference
  • Acknowledge and address intolerance and insensitivity, even when it may not directly impact a member of our community
  • Actively promote democracy, diversity, equity, and justice in education and in research

Our mission is grounded within a broader historical context. Thus, it is imperative we recognize: that the KU campus is standing on a land inhabited by the Kansa and many Woodland and Plains peoples, that although we are located in the Free State’s historical center, the wealth of our university’s founders and builders was dependent on generations of unpaid labor and suffering of enslaved African and indigenous persons, that today many of us have benefitted from privilege accorded White, male, heterosexual, English-speaking American citizens, and that in order to protect and support our students, we are cautious in our relationships with entities that have historically been part of a system of oppression.

In the light of that knowledge, we commit ourselves to: 


  • Diversity in our teaching through the variety of voices and texts we use; the composition of our classes; and the representativeness of our instructors.
  • Inclusion in our teaching through the respect we give one another as potential and current scholars and practitioners, and in the individualization of our teaching toward meeting the needs of each student.
  • Equity in our teaching in the openness and honesty with which we provide and receive feedback; in the fairness with which we recognize contributions, determine grades, and compose recommendations.


  • Diversity in our research through the variety of our research interests, representation in our participant samples, and variety of our methodology.
  • Inclusion in our research through involvement of the voices of our participants and team members; the sourcing of hidden voices in our writing; and the ethics we uphold and the respect we maintain for readers and users of our research.
  • Equity in the citations we use, the scholars we recognize and uplift, and the fairness with which we judge the contributions of our students and colleagues.


  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in the service we provide our institution, our profession, and our world by recognizing the global impact of our local actions; by seeking out and serving those populations that are marginalized and neglected, and by striving to make our service reflect our vision of a just, fair, and equal society.

Learn more about the School of Education's diversity initiatives. 

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