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NOTE: The participant accounts will not be created until after the first week of school has ended. You will receive a login and password once that has been completed. The login and password will not be the same as other KU portals. 

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Research Participation Guidelines & Overview

All students enrolled in specified courses, are required to have some experience with psychological or educational research. One of the best ways to gain experience is to be directly involved in on-going research investigations. If you agree to serve as a research participant, this document will describe your responsibilities for satisfying the research participation requirement and describe the procedures that you will need to follow. Your participation serves two important functions. First, most of what you learn in your psychology classes is based on carefully conducted research with human volunteers. That research can seem rather mysterious in the abstract. Participation in research gives you a first-hand glimpse into the research enterprise that uncovers the explanations for human behavior. Second, the progress of psychology as a science would be considerably slowed without the help of research participants. Thus, the research requirement represents, in part, service to the psychological community of which you are a part. Other benefits of participating in research are often mentioned in the consent forms of individual experiments, which you will discover when you participate.

The University of Kansas utilizes the SONA web system to organize our research pool. Sign up for your account and schedule the studies you will participate in here.

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