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Credits Required:Participants should check with their instructor or course syllabus to determine "experimental credits" needed during the Fall or Spring terms, and during the Summer term. If you miss an experiment you were signed up for, you will receive a "no-show". Your research credit information will be stored on the SONA system and will be downloaded by your instructor at the end of the semester. You can track the credits you've earned and any changes to your required credits on the "My Schedule and Credits" page when you are logged on to SONA.

Obtaining Credits: Credits are earned by participating in research projects. One credit is given for 30 minutes or less of participation. Two credits for 31-60 minutes of participation, and so on.

Failing to Obtain Enough Credits: When you agree to be a research participant, you must complete enough experiments to earn the required number of credits for your course, and to make up for any "no-shows" you have earned. There will be a penalty if a student does not complete the required number of credits by the end of the semester. It will be the Educational Psychology Department's policy for the student to receive an I. If the student has received an I it will roll to a F if they do not complete the required research credits by stop day of the next semester.

Last Day to Obtain Credits: The last day to obtain research participation credits is on STOP DAY, or the day after classes end, for the semester. Do not put off obtaining your credits! There may be fewer research opportunities later in the semester, and in fact, if you wait too long you may not be able to earn any credit at all. It is your responsibility to sign up for and complete experiments while they are offered.

Already Have a SONA Account?:

  1. Yes, I'm retaking a EPSY course with required experimental participation: Please notify your instructor that you have an old account, we will need to link it to your current course in order for your instructor to see your progress. If you earned credits previously, they should still be in the system. Some instructors will allow you to reuse these credits. Logon to your account and check that you have earned the appropriate amount of credits for this semester. If you had old web-based study credits, these will count against your limit for this semester, as well.
  2. Yes, I'm earning extra credit for an advanced course: If you are earning credits for an advanced course, you may already have a SONA account from when you took a previous EPSY course. Please continue using this account, rather than creating a new one (there is a link on the sign-in page if you forgot your password). It is important that you continue using this account, since participation in previous studies affects which studies you are currently qualified for. You may have trouble signing up for web-based studies. However, there is nothing your instructor, nor the system administrator can or will do for you—since there is an absolute limit to the number of web-based studies each student can participate in.

Right to Decline Research Participation Option: If you do not wish to fulfill your requirement through participation in experiments, the course instructor will provide you with alternative projects that you can complete as an alternative to research participation. Alternative projects will involve a comparable time commitment. Your instructor will provide details of this term project.

Right to Refuse Participation in an Experiment: Participation in ANY experimental investigation is voluntary. When you arrive for the experiment, the researcher will provide you with a brief description of the project. At that time, or at any time during the experiment, you have the option of withdrawing without penalty. You should be aware that it is occasionally necessary to withhold some information about the purpose of the experiment until your participation is complete so that an accurate appraisal can be obtained.

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