SONA Research Responsibilities

For in-person studies, you are responsible for:

  • Registering with the EPSY Research Participation here;   
  • Scheduling appointments for research participation, depending upon the requirements of the study; 
  • Writing down important information about the experiments for which you sign up (e.g., name/time/location of your experiment, name and contact information of the experimenter); 
  • Showing up on time, at the correct location for your scheduled research appointments (you must cancel at least 60 minutes before an appointment if you cannot attend); and 
  • Keeping your receipt of participation (e.g., copy of consent form) in case there is an error in the system.

For web-based studies, you are responsible for:

  • Registering with the EPSY Research Participation here;
  • Writing down important information about the experiments for which you sign up (e.g., name/time/location of your experiment, name and contact information of the experimenter);
  • Allowing adequate time for you to complete the study, preferably in one setting; and
  • Keeping your receipt of participation (e.g., copy of consent form) in case there is an error in the system.

Registration: When you first use the system you will need to enroll as a new user. Do this by clicking on the "New Participant - Request an account here" link at the web site given above. You will then be asked to enter the following information:

  • Name: Please enter your first and last name as it appears on your student ID;
  • User-ID: This will be your login name for this system. This has to be unique. Ideally you will want to use your User-ID from your KU email address. For example, would use "PERSON" as their User-ID. If someone else has used the User-ID you entered, the system will prompt you to enter a different User-ID;
  • Email Address: Ideally you should enter a KU email address. If you are using a non-KU email address, please be sure your internet service provider allows emails from; 
  • Student ID #: Please enter your 7-digit KU ID number;
  • Phone #: Please enter a phone number where you can be reached, if required.
  • Course: You will need to select the appropriate course from the drop-down list. If you do not select the appropriate course, your instructor will NOT be able to download your credit report, and you will NOT fulfill your research requirement! If your course is not listed, please let your instructor know.

Be careful when entering the information. The system will send your assigned password to the email address you entered. You can change your password after you first logon. If you are unable to register, contact the Educational Psychology Department Office at 621 JRP to have an administrator register your account.

Pre-Screening Survey: During Fall and Spring semesters, a pre-screening survey will be made available on the system the first 2 weeks of the term. During the Summer semester, the survey will be available on the first day of class. This survey is MANDATORY for all participants using the system, and you will not be able to access the system until you have completed it. Your responses to this survey are completely confidential, and you will have the option of declining to answer any particular question. This online survey is made up of various "screening" questionnaires that researchers will use to recruit eligible participants with selected characteristics, which vary from study to study. Some experiments never show up on the sign-up system. The only way to participate in these experiments is to be selected from the pre-screening survey. If you qualify for a particular experiment, the individual researcher may call or email you to schedule research appointments for which you will receive credit. During the Fall and Spring terms, if you complete the prescreen prior to midnight on the third Monday of the term you will receive a credit. You will NOT receive credits for completing the pre-screen after the window for pre-screening has closed.

Signing Up for Experiments: Use the Web System: All students will need to utilize the web-based scheduling system. Simply click on "Study Sign-Up" at the system web site after you logon. You will be given some simple instructions on how to schedule yourself for experiments. You should NOT sign up for an experiment that you have already completed or for which you are not qualified (e.g., male signing up for an experiment requiring all females); you will NOT receive any credit for these.
Contacted by an Experimenter: Individual researchers may contact you via email, if you have met their qualifications, to see if you are interested in participating in their study for credit. In some cases, the researcher may give you a password that will allow you to sign up for that particular study using the web-based system. Once you complete that study, credits will be recorded on the web-based system. In other cases, an experimenter may manage your appointment without using the web system—it is very important that you record the time, location, and researcher contact information for these studies, and that you get a receipt for your participation afterwards!

Authorization Codes & Study Passwords: If a study requires a password, or authorization code, then that experiment is restricted to only those who qualify based on responses to the Pre-Screen. These passwords are distributed by experimenters to participants based on eligibility determined from the Pre-Screening Survey. Students who receive these passwords can then use them to sign up for particular studies.

Record Keeping: The credits you earn on the SONA System will be stored in our database for at least one semester. You should also obtain a "receipt" from the experimenter to verify your participation in case of system errors. A "receipt" of participation could take the form of your copy of the consent form with the date, time, & duration of participation. Normally, all credits will be tracked by the web-based system. You will only need your "receipt" if there is an error in the database.

Showing up for in person studies: Show up ON TIME, at the APPROPRIATE LOCATION and complete the experimental session. When signing up for a study, make absolutely certain you can attend—and plan ahead of time to allow for travel and finding your appointment on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will be listed as a "No-Show" (see No-Show policy, below). If your experimenter is late, you are required to wait at least 10 minutes before leaving (see Experimenter No-Show policy, below).

Cancellation/ Missed Appointment Policy: It is your responsibility to cancel an experiment that you cannot attend. To Cancel an Appointment: If you must cancel, then it is necessary for you to do so NO LATER THAN 60 MINUTES before the scheduled beginning of the experiment. There are 3 ways to cancel:

  • Using the "Cancel" option on the website (Strongly preferred & most reliable method)
  • Calling the phone number given on the experiment sign-up page to try to reach an experimenter.
  • Following any specific cancellation instructions given to you by the individual experimenter.

If you are emailing, calling, or leaving a voice mail message be sure to SPELL your last name, give your ID#, and give all experiment information (experiment name, location, time & date, name of researcher). If you do not follow proper cancellation procedures, or if your cancellation message is not clearly received, you may receive a "no show".

No-Shows: If you fail to comply with cancellation instructions, you may receive a no-show. Experimenters can exclude you from participating in their experiments according to your no show count. You may be excluded from desirable or convenient experiments by accumulating no shows. You will receive a no-show if:

  • You fail to show-up for an experiment, and did not cancel at least 60 minutes before your appointment time.
  • You show up more than 5 minutes late for an appointment, or fail to wait 10 minutes for a late experimenter.

It is your responsibility to arrive at the CORRECT location for your study. If you miss your appointment because you forgot or could not find the address, or because you went to the wrong location, you will still receive a no show.

Experimenter No-Show: If you arrive on time and your experimenter is not present, you are required to wait at least ten minutes before leaving. You should make sure you are in the correct location. If the experimenter does not arrive you may report this TO THE EXPERIMENTER using the contact information listed on the study sign-up page. Before you do so, you should check to see if the experimenter has already contacted you or given you credit. If not, you must report the no-show within 24 hours or you forfeit the credit. You should leave your name, and the time/location of your study. If reported properly, you will receive one credit for an experimenter no-show. If the experimenter does not respond to your request within 3 days, you may contact the Educational Psychology Department Office at 621 JRP.

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