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KU announces Lawrence faculty sabbaticals for 2017-2018

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Irises bloom near Stauffer-Flint Hall.Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little has approved 46 sabbaticals for the following faculty at the University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus:

Helen Alexander, ecology & evolutionary biology, fall 2017

Mazhar Arikan, business, spring 2018

William Barnett, economics, fall 2017

Margaret Bayer, mathematics, fall 2017

Shawn Bitters, visual art, fall 2017

Justin Blumenstiel, ecology & evolutionary biology, spring 2018

Kristin Bowman-James, chemistry, spring 2018

Jacquelene Brinton, religious studies, academic year 2017-2018

Matthew Burke, visual art, fall 2017

Robert DeYoung, business, spring 2018

Changming Duan, educational psychology, academic year 2017-2018

Doreen Fowler, English, fall 2017

Elaine Gerbert, east Asian languages & cultures, fall 2017

Heather Getha-Taylor, public affairs & administration, spring 2018

Donna Ginther, economics, academic year 2017-2018

Lena Hileman, ecology & evolutionary biology, spring 2018

Nicole Hodges Persley, theatre, spring 2018

John Hoopes, anthropology, spring 2018

Caroline Jewers, French, Francophone & Italian studies, spring 2018

Dan Katz, mathematics, spring 2018

Paul Laird, music, spring 2018

Xingong Li, geography & atmospheric science, academic year 2017-2018

Carl Luchies, mechanical engineering, spring 2018

Susan Lunte, chemistry, spring 2018

Gwendolyn Macpherson, geology, spring 2018

Mehrangiz Mennerick Najafizadeh, sociology, academic year 2017-2018

Paula Pea Fite, psychology, clinical child psychology program, fall 2017

John Ralston, physics & astronomy, fall 2017

Eugene Rankey, geology, fall 2017

Mary Jo Reiff, English, fall 2017

Mario Rivera, chemistry, fall 2017

Edward Scanlon, social welfare, fall 2017

Albert Sheu, mathematics, spring 2018

Daniel Spencer, business, spring 2018

Akiko Takeyama, women, gender & sexuality studies, academic year 2017-2018

Zsolt Talata, mathematics, spring 2018

Lisa Timmons, molecular biosciences, spring 2018

George Tsoflias, geology, fall 2017

Sherrie Tucker, American studies, fall 2017

Thomas Tuozzo, philosophy, spring 2018

May Tveit, design, academic year 2017-18

Marta Vicente, women, gender & sexuality studies, spring 2018

Scott Watson, music, spring 2018

Alesia Woszidlo, communication studies, academic year 2017-2018

Molly Zahn, religious studies, fall 2017

Jie Zhang, linguistics, fall 2017

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