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Counseling Psychology

Putting Your Counseling Psychology Degree To Work

Students who graduate from KU's master's degree in counseling psychology meet the academic requirements for the LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Kansas. Prospective students are encouraged to research the licensure requirements of the states in which they hope to practice to ensure that they select the graduate program that best suits their needs.

Professional counselor licensure is regulated by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. Individuals interested in pursuing licensure as a professional counselor must complete a master's in counseling psychology. Requirements for LPC in Kansas include:

  1. Individual must be at least 21 years of age;
  2. Individual must have completed 60 graduate semester hours and a graduate degree in counseling;
  3. Individual must pass an examination required by the Behavioral Science Regulatory Board, and must have an application on file six weeks prior to the exam; and
  4. Individual must satisfy the board's inquiry that he/she is a person who merits the public's trust. 

For more information on specific Kansas professional counselor licensure requirements, please visit the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board web site here.

In addition, many graduate students who complete the master's degree in counseling psychology leave the program prepared to pursue advanced studies at the doctoral level.

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